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Another Bloody Love Letter

  • Author
    • Anthony Loyd
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Critically acclaimed writer and award-winning foreign correspondent, Anthony Loyd is also an ex-heroin addict. Another Bloody Love Letter exposes the thrilling and brutal reality of life as a war journalist - from the climax of war in Kosovo and the reignited battles between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to tracking ambush commanders in Sierra Leone, confronting the danger and confusion of northern Afghanistan at the start of the 'war on terror', and the harsh realities of life in Iraq during the Second Gulf War. But it is also the very human story of a man fighting to beat a heroin addiction and coming to terms with the death of a father-figure, friend and colleague murdered by the RUF in Sierra Leone, and the death of his mother from a terminal illness at home.
Another Bloody Love Letter takes the reader into the mind of a man who has chased war and death for more than half his life, and shows the price he has paid for it. It is a moving and powerful memoir of love and friendship, betrayal and loss, war and faith.
  • Published: Sep 06 2007
  • Pages: 416
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755314805

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Press Reviews

  • The Daily Telegraph
    'Devastating honesty... Loyd's frankness shows a different kind of courage from that he demonstrates on the battlefield, but it's courage none the less... Loyd shows himself to be the best guide through today's wars working in the English language. He can also be very moving. This is a book about love as much as war.'
  • Daily Mail
    'Two things set Anthony Loyd apart from your average, war-weary combat-zone junkie: a luminous prose style that sometimes borders on the visionary, and a fiercely principled integrity.'
  • The Times
    'Anthony Loyd's style is low-key - philosophical, reflective, melancholic, stoical and beset by internal demons (heroin addiction, the loss of a beloved mentor, the terminal illness of his mother) that gives a still, sad edge to his observation of the tragedies and inanities of conflict. He writes from grit and grief.'
  • Independent on Sunday
    'This memoir is a great big bloody bong of horror, chaos, gallows humour, loss, boredom and self-loathing, followed by slack-jawed self-medication... All the horror and madness and desperate, thoughtless, random injustice and, even worse, random justice, of war is present and incorrect... For once, the promise of the publisher's blurb - 'Anthony Loyd spares us nothing in this moving and painfully honest memoir' - is more than fulfilled... It isn't perfect. Sometimes, like war, it's messy. But it is moving. And if this is just another vicarious hit of a war correspondent's memories, well, it's seriously good shit, man.'
  • The Mail on Sunday
    'Britain's boldest, louchest, war reporter... [A] vivid, hugely compelling memoir... Loyd writes glorious, evocative, laceratingly honest prose rich in gory detail and telling metaphor.'
  • Evening Standard
    'Superb memoir... Scouring honesty... Loyd's own painful honesty... makes this memoir all the more compelling.'
  • Metro
    'Loyd has little time for those without guts... Pitiless on conflict itself - what drives men to it, and the seemingly infinite degree of savagery of which man is capable.'
  • Night & Day
    'Not content with getting shot at in the world's trouble spots, reporter Anthony Loyd was either using heroin or trying to get off it. His second volume of memoirs isn't as sharp as the first, but it will still have you hooked'
  • Sunday Herald
    'The most exciting book I have read this year.'
  • Sunday Times
    'Loyd can... write exceptionally well at times, and with lacerating honesty... There's real substance here, too, and a candour that is shockingly memorable.'
  • Observer
    '[A] powerful and touching memorial... This is not another 'love letter' to conflict; this time it is to his dead friend. It is a recognition that war kills those we love, and that those of us who choose to follow conflict like groupies on its trail cannot escape it in the long run. The writing is as brilliant as ever as Loyd navigates with a sure hand through shocking moments of sudden violence from the Balkans to Iraq and Africa. But it is the search for Schork's killers that is most powerful, a gripping whodunit that ends with another pointless death.'
  • The Times
    'There is much to treasure... Beyond the "gun battle override" and the "Humvee cupolas gunners" we find a brave, lovely man and a talented if over-wrought writer, bursting to be free.'
  • Sun Herald, Sydney
    'Devastating honesty... Loyd's frankness shows a different kind of courage from that he demonstrates on the battlefield, but it's courage none the less... Loyd shows himself to be the best guide through today's wars working in the English language. He can be very funny. He can also be very moving.'
  • Courier Mail, Brisbane
    'It is a harrowing story. Loyd's writing can be spectacularly florid and the savagery remorseless.'
  • The Scotsman
    'Superb memoir... Loyd and his fellow correspondents survive through a mixture of gallows humour and a drive for the next journalistic high... Loyd's honesty in confronting those truths makes this memoir all the more compelling.'
  • Age
    'War reporting meets heroin in an engrossing read.'
  • Qantas The Australian Way
    'Raw, brutally honest commentary that clings on to hope'