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And Now You're Back

The most heart-warming and romantic read of the year!
  • Author
    • Jill Mansell
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'A fabulous, gorgeous read, with characters you'll take to your heart' MILLY JOHNSON

'I loved the characters and relationships and found myself rooting for everyone. It left me with a lovely warm glow' LIBBY PAGE

'Such a joyful read and hugely entertaining . . . Readers are in for a real treat' RUTH HOGAN

One magical night in Venice, Didi fell in love. But it ended - and he left without even saying goodbye.

Now, thirteen years on, Shay Mason is back.

The old spark is still there, but Didi's determined to ignore it. As manager of a stunning Cotswolds hotel, she's happy at last, and soon to be married. Anyway, Shay isn't staying. He's made a promise to his father. He's going to keep it. And then he'll be gone.

But Shay's return stirs up long-forgotten emotions, and the scandal that led him to leave raises its head once again. It's time for buried secrets to come to light. And it seems that this was someone's intention all along . . .

From the beloved author of IT STARTED WITH A SECRET comes a fabulous new novel about love, friendship and finding the way to your best life.


'Reading Jill is always such a joy' VERONICA HENRY

'Gripping and incredibly comforting' MARIAN KEYES

'One of my favourite writers' KATIE FFORDE

'Like a little blast of sunshine - uplifting, heartwarming and supremely feelgood' SOPHIE KINSELLA

'Jill Mansell is the queen of witty, heart-warming, feel-good love stories' RED

  • Published: Jun 10 2021
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472248510

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Press Reviews

    One of my favourite writers
  • Red
    'Jill Mansell is the queen of witty, heart-warming, feel-good love stories'
  • Veronica Henry
    'Reading Jill is always such a joy'
  • Marian Keyes
    'Gripping and incredibly comforting'
  • Sophie Kinsella
    'Like a little blast of sunshine - uplifting, heart-warming and supremely feelgood'
  • Prima
    'A fab, feel-good read'
  • Heat
    'Jill Mansell just gets better and better' *****
  • Daily Mail
    '[A] compelling, thoughtful, emotionally intelligent book about love, friendship and not giving up'
  • Jane Wenham-Jones
    Warm, witty and life-affirming. I always feel better after reading Jill Mansell!