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A Prayer for the Damned (Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 17)

A twisty Celtic mystery filled with treachery and bloodshed
  • Author
    • Peter Tremayne
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Super sleuth Sister Fidelma returns in the seventeenth historical mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed author of MASTER OF SOULS, WHISPERS OF THE DEAD and many more.

PRAISE FOR THE SISTER FIDELMA SERIES: 'Rich helpings of evil and tension with lively and varied characters' Historical Novels Review, 'The most detailed and vivid recreations of ancient Ireland' Irish Examiner

February, AD 668, and Cashel is full of distinguished visitors. Under the old Irish custom, Fidelma of Cashel and Eadulf of Seaxmund's Ham, having been joined together for a year and a day, are to be married. But on the eve of the ceremony, the pious Abbot Ultán is found murdered in his chamber. Worse still - one of the most distinguished guests, the King of Connacht, is seen fleeing from the scene and charged with the murder. He demands his right to appoint Fidelma in his defence. Fidelma soon discovers that Abbot Ultán is not the pious man he was thought to be - indeed, many of the guests have cause to hate him. It is a long weekend of suspicion, fear and more death before Fidelma and Eadulf are able to reveal the truth behind Ultán's murder.

What readers are saying about A PRAYER FOR THE DAMNED:

'Tremayne is unparalleled. Five stars'

'The twists and turns kept me intrigued throughout this excellent book'

'Keeps you guessing right till the end. Very well written'
  • Published: Feb 05 2007
  • Pages: 448
  • 178 x 110mm
  • ISBN: 9780755328376

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Press Reviews

  • Evening Standard
    Praise for the Sister Fidelma Series: 'Definitely an Ellis Peters competitor
  • Belfast Telegraph
    This is masterly storytelling from an author who breathes fascinating life into the worth he is writing about
  • Booklist
    A compulsive readable whodunit fronted by one of the most reliably intriguing characters to grace the pages of the genre
  • Morgan Llywelyn
    Tremayne's super-sleuth is a vibrant creation
  • Publishers Weekly
    A brilliant and beguiling heroine. Immensely appealing