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A Distant Dream

It takes courage and forgiveness to survive sickness and war
  • Author
    • Pamela Evans
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It's 1936 in West London, and fifteen-year-old May Stubbs and her family have endured the worst of The Depression. Looking forward to a more prosperous future, they take on a derelict cricket pavilion, convert it into a café and general store, and find it quickly becomes the hub of the community.

Then May contracts tuberculosis, and the way ahead looks less certain. Leaving her best friend, Betty Lane, and lifelong soul mate, George Bailey, behind, she is sent away to fight off the illness. But on her return to London, she finds things have changed. And when war is declared, it is clear that serious complications and heartache lie in store for them all.
  • Published: Sep 12 2013
  • Pages: 416
  • 199 x 134mm
  • ISBN: 9780755394302
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Press Reviews

  • Lancashire Evening Post
    An uplifting love story with all the right ingredients
  • North Wales Chronicle
    This book touched me very, very much. It's lovely
  • Sunday Express
    A good traditional romance, and its author has a feeling for the atmosphere of postwar London
  • Irish Independent
    A superb and heartwarming read
  • Bella
    Very readable