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My Fire's Gone Out!

My Fire's Gone Out!

How to Cope With Change in Your Work and Life

Liam O'Connell
A contemporary motivational book - the new "Who Moved My Cheese!" Read it in an hour and change your life for good!

Deals with coping with change. This book portrays the fire as a metaphor for what is really important to you in your life or your work. It shows how change happens and how you should react positively and take action and the opportunity that change brings.

My fire's gone out! is a simple, funny and yet profound story about coping with change.

In this fast-paced modern world we live in, we are faced with many challenges and complex choices. Sometimes our personal fire can go out and this book can help you get that spark back to relight your fire!

Thoughts from the flames!
Change happens
React positively
Take action and the opportunity that change brings

My fire's gone out! can be applied to any type of change, from redundancy to starting a new relationship. It covers the universal themes of common sense and the reality of life in general!

This book can help you achieve positive success and enjoy your life and your work!
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