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The Clone Series

The first in Trish Moran's acclaimed young adult series exploring humanity, technology, and the problems of growing up in a dystopian future. Perfect for fans of The Giver and the Divergent trilogy.

What happens when unscrupulous people take technology into their own hands?

When fifteen-year-old Stella runs away from home she comes across a group of teenagers living in a hidden camp. They are the Labs- clones secretly made to replace the body parts of the rich and famous - who have escaped the sinister 'Centre' where they were created.

The group blends into human culture with Stella's help. But the Centre is looking for them and there are still clones inside, facing certain death once they are no longer useful.

Once the truth about the Centre's work is uncovered, the Labs hope they will finally have justice.

Can Stella and her friends find a voice in their struggle for equality?
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