Collection: Verity Bigg-Knight

Verity Bigg-Knight was born in Kensington in 1988. Her father is Sir Adrian Edgcumbe Miles Bigg-Knight, 2nd Baronet, but that doesn't mean she didn't work really hard for everything she has. She attended St Hortensia's School for Sociable Girls before reading History of Art at the University of Bridgeford (she got a third, which was actually impressive, given her best mate, Tuffy Lloyd-George, broke her leg skiing a week before exams). During her time at uni, she threw many widely praised bashes, including a 'pimps and hos' party so convincing it was shut down by the Met's Vice Unit. Upon graduating, she set up a company, Verity's Large Evenings, with nothing but her own blood, sweat and tears (plus a £2 million loan from Daddy). This bespoke party-planning service has been tremendously successful: its clients include Princess Eugenie, Mumford & Sons and half the cast of Made in Chelsea. Her events boast a diverse range of guests, from businessmen to businessmen's wives, Etonians to Harrovians, billionaires to only-just-millionaires. Verity is also a committed activist for social justice, frequently sharing woke infographics on Instagram. Her dream is to start a foundation to teach underprivileged kids the correct pronunciation of wines. The Downing Street Guide to Party Etiquette is her first book (written, not read).